With a dream of creating something unique and with a passion for Scandinavian design and art, Mia Liv was founded in 2019 by two sisters Annukka and Miia Räisänen. We sisters are together an efficient team, for everything we do is based on genuine passion towards this branch and the fun part is that we almost always agree on everything.

We were surrounded by beautiful things during our childhood since our grandmother was talented in arts and crafts. Our mother is gifted as well and we are lucky to have inherited their artistic and visual way of thinking.

Since childhood, Miia has been interested in arts and painting. Her passion for abstract art was born in 2012 when she painted an abstractive painting for Annukka. The friends of Annukka fell in love with the painting and so Miia’s hobby gradually became dear work. Annukka has an incredible sense for beauty and great visual eye for things. Our company’s marketing, social media and visual identity is in her hands.

Through our art we want to inspire and evoke feelings in people. The collection is made to bring joy and happiness into everybody’s home. Miia believes that abstract art gives the freedom to create something beautiful, to explore, and to find new dimensions through colours without limits. Our collection of art prints includes beautiful, thought-provoking and abstract creations. The art prints are printed delicately on premium matt paper in Europe. Above all we want to invest in the quality of art prints and therefore it is hard to distinguish them from the original paintings. The art prints are carefully wrapped in silk paper and packed in tubes. They are shipped with tracking number and insurance.

“With my art I express feelings and paint dreams real” –Miia

Welcome to follow our journey!